Who We Are

IT Solution & Consulting Firm

Since 2018, we have been delivering solid IT solutions to Fortune 500 companies (IBM, Wells Fargo, Microsoft, Bank of America) and helping leading technology innovators build their IT infrastructure (Database System, Cloud Architect, Software product, Data Analytics).

What We Offer To Client

We provide flexible IT services

Having been active on the market for 3 years, with dozens of served clients and tens of delivered projects, TDL has accumulated a powerful set of expertise and know-how on enterprise services in database, data science and software engineering. Our clients get access not only to the skills and expertise of their team at TDL, but also to the combined organizational knowledge of over 20+ IT seniors working at TDL.

What We Offer for IT Job Seekers

Solid IT Training & Internships

We offered well-established IT training curriculum and intern opportunities to aspiring IT job seekers. With hands-on project experiences with big tech companies like Microsoft, Google and IBM, we develop our course curriculum in a way that is most efficient and practical to the IT industry space.

Leading Team

Meet Our Leadership

Ted Liu

Founder and CEO
20+ years IT Experience
Senior Tech lead at 3M, IBM and Charter


Tech Lead
10+ years IT Experience
Senior Database teach lead working at Oracle

Shelly Li

6+ years Marketing Experience
Coached 100+ candidates to get in fortunate 500 companies

David Zeng

4+ years IT Experience
Graduate from Carnegie Mellon University

Our IT Domains of Expertise

Here are the highlighted domains of our IT knowledge base:

  • Oracle

    We have strong knowledge of Oracle Database Development & Administration

  • SQL Server

    We have strong knowledge of SQL Server Database Development & Administration

  • Java (Full Stack)

    We have strong knowledge of Java Full Stack

  • Data Science

    We have strong knowledge of Data Science

  • SalesForce

    We have strong knowledge of SalesForce

  • Cloud

    We have strong knowledge of Cloud


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