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We deliver solid IT solutions to Fortune 500 firms

TDL is a trusted IT consulting & solution firm operating in US and Canada (Canada Corporation Name TEDDIT Tech). With 20+ experienced IT veterans, we deliver solutions to Fortune 500 vendors and help leading technology innovators build successful database,software,cloud and analytic products in a variety of industries.

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One-Stop IT Training and Solution Provider

We work hard to develop the best IT training curriculum in the industry based on our extensive IT contract experiences with the Fortune 500. On top of that, we are proud to provide the best IT services to new clients & agencies. We welcome any IT lovers to join our trainings and internships: Together, we will offer the best IT solutions to our trusted clients

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We Take Care of Your Technology

As a small IT solution company, we combine the best of both worlds. We have the focus and speed of the small IT solution companies along with the scalability and expertise of the big ones.

  • Technology Expertise

    Our seniors all have 10+ years of experiences and our project works cover most of the trending IT technology in the industry

  • Business Results

    Our works are highly received by our clients. We have 20+ full time conversions for our employees' excellent performances


Featured Work Projects (Contract & Full Time)

06 May, 2018

Customer Segmentation & Clustering Analysis with Google

Used Python to performed K-means clustering analysis on google's customers and built machine learning models to forecast monthly sales based on customer groups and attributes

20 Jan, 2019

Oracle Golden Gate ETL Project with Wells Fargo

Worked with SQL and Linux commands to build up real time data replication system through Oracle golden gate

26 June, 2020

Data Migration from SQL Server to the Azure Cloud with Microsoft

Modernized one of Microsoft division's data assets by migrating from SQL Server to Azure SQL Database

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